Welcome to Light Speed Solutions' (LSS) MVC Development Framework Version 4.

The LSS Framework (LCC FW) allows you to use existing tools to create robust web applications using Microsoft's MVC pattern in an efficient manner, allowing you to focus more on developing business processes and less on hands on coding

We like to say that the Framework provides a Low Code; Fast Delivery solution.  

Framework features include:

  • Fully responsive
  • Role-based security features ready to implement
  • Extensive use of standard templates with partial views to extend them
  • Use of meta-data to configure role-based security; menus and other application features.  No need to re-code/redeploy
  • Optional fields can be used for auditing and concurrency control without code changes
  • Table grid displays can be grouped with user selection columns, and are editable
  • User specified table grid page sizes
  • Context sensitive help available for pages (do we want to mention this? Help isn't working properly)
  • Use of a customizable Microsoft style ribbon bar to group functions
  • Use of a customizable Microsoft style toolbar (associated to the ribbon bar) to provide specific functions

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